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Cuti cuti bandung 2017

Being a good driver always tells about history                           Direct whatsapp +6287825047329 or Phone +6287825047329 The Bandung Fire Ocean event was a major fire incident that took place in Bandung, West Java province, Indonesia on March 23, 1946. Within seven hours, some 200,000 inhabitants of Bandung [1] burned their homes, leaving the city to the mountains in the south of Bandung. This is done to prevent Allied soldiers and NICABelanda soldiers to be able to use the city of Bandung as a strategic military headquarters in the Indonesian War of Independence. Continued to meet the perfect Bandung Driver
Speaking of the history of Braga, certainly less complete if it does not know the Way Braga. Jalan Braga is one of the most famous streets in Bandung. This area of ​​cultural conservation is unique. Many buildings along the way serve classical impressions. European style of architecture does make Braga similar to the atmosphere in Europe. Braga has been since the Dutch era in…

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